SEATON incl: Seton etc.

Mainly based in Newhaven (now part of Edinburgh)

Compiler: R.A.Pollard
Last Updated: 05/2003


The information herein has been compiled in good faith and absolute accuracy is not guaranteed. Transcriptions and spellings may vary also in the original documents and handwriting therein may be almost indecipherable.

Date order is day, month, year. Dates given for births may instead be the date of christening/baptism. A date such as 16.3/23.4.1700 indicates the dates of birth and christening/baptism.

Ref. no's. are for Scottish Record Office; add year-date & whether b, m or d. Names given may in some cases be the ĎBynamesí, by which those persons were more commonly known. Place names may be of the church or the place of Registration, rather than the residence of that person.


NHVN= Newhaven
ED= Edinburgh
Add: = address
PC= Rose bank cemetery
Pilrig, Edinburgh
Cnsí81= Census 1881 Ch=Church
b= born,
chr= christened/ baptised
m= married
w= widow/ widower
d= death
Ps= parents
F= father
M= mother
(g)= girl
(b)= boy
KiA= Killed in Action

It was customary in this area (though not always adhered to) to name the first boy after the fatherís parent, the second boy after the motherís parent, the first girl after the motherís parent, the second girl after the fatherís parent and subsequent children after parents and friends or after their earlier children who had died in childhood. This can sometimes be a source of confusion.

Alexander SETON b.19.1.1703 ED Ps. William S/Katharine Barnet

Alexander SETON chr.28.2.1705 ED Ps. George S/Anna Gibson

Alexander SETON b.1.7.1715 ED Ps. Georgs S/Anna Clark

Alexander SEATON b.3/5.7.1737 NHVN Ps.William S/Jane Semple

Alexander SETON b.21/25.4.1802 NHVN Ps.John S/Margaret Johnston

Alexander SEATON b.2.5.1816 ED Ps.Alexander S/Isabella Banks

Alexander Johnston SEATON b.14.10/1.11.1847 Ps.James S/Elizabeth Johnston [m.27.9.1844 NHVN] d:28.8.1858

Alexander SEATON b.6.2.1853 S.Leith Ps.Donald S/Louisa Robertson d:14.11.1878 At Sea

Registered when he was 5 years old - Ref.No: b:692.2/20:5630

Alexander HALDANE SEATON b.29.7.1858 ED Ps. William S/Helen Currie

Ann SEATON b.28/29.9.1748 NHVN Ps.William S/Ann Hay

Anne SEATON b. 15.10.1778 NHVN

Ann SEATON b.29.1.1795 NHVN Ps. William S/Jacobina Brown

Ann SETON b.3/4.12.1802 Ps.William S/Janet Durham

Ann SEATON b.1/23.9.1828 Ps. James S/Margaret Carnie [m.~1818]

Ann STEWART SEATON b.3.3.1834 NHVN Ps. William S/Ann Stewart Liddle [m.10.3.1826 NHVN]

Ann JOHNSTON SEATON b.14.1.1863 NHVN Ps. Liston S/Ann Psaterson d:17.1.1863

Ann WILSON SEATON b.15.10.1869 NHVN m:Thomas FLUCKER [1867-1949] d:23.3.1948 age 78 RC/P

Carnie SEATON (b) b.1/23.9.1828 NHVN Ps.James S/Margaret Carnie [m.~1818] m.Jessie RAMSAY 17.10.1856

ch:James S 19.6.1858, William S 19.1.1860, Jessie Ramsay S 29.9.1861

Carnie SEATON b.NHVN Ps. William S/Margaret Ramsay m.Helen BUCHAN 29.9.1876 NHVN ch:, William S, 2.12.1876 James Ramsay S 30.6.1878, Elizabeth Logan S 14.10.1880, William S b./d.23.12.1887, Carnie S 25.1.1894

David MAIN SEATON b.12.7.1876 NHVN Ps.John S/Janet Begg Wilson m.Rachel SCOTT PENNYCUIK 1901 N.Leith ch: Henrietta S 1.3.1902 NHVN and John S 4.12.1905, David S 21.2.1909, George S 7.12.1912, Rachel Scott Pennycuik S 29.3.1913, Janet Begg Wilson S 8.2.1916 all b.Falkirk Joiner/Iron Founder Moved to Falkirk between 1902-1906 d:5.12.1952 Falkirk

David YOUNG SEATON b.17.9.1897 NHVN Ps. Peter Murray S/Isabella Young [m.21.7.1894 NHVN]

David SEATON b.21.2.1909 Falkirk Ps. David Main S/Rachel Scott Pennycuik [m.1901 Leith]

David MAIN SEATON b. Falkirk Ps. John S/Agnes J C Scobbie m. Margaret Davidson Mands DUNCAN ch: Carol Anne Seaton

Donald SEATON m. Louisa ROBERTSON ch.Alexander 6.2.1853, Louisa S 31.3.1855-23.7.1858

Elizabeth SEATON chr.19.8.1711 S.Leith Ps.Richard S/Elizabeth Johnston

Elisabeth SEATON m.James Imrie 16.3.1796 S.Leith

Elisabeth SEATON b.14/16.7.1821 Ps.James S/Margaret Carnie [m ~1818]

Elisabeth SEATON b.30.9/24.10.1823

Elizabeth Duncan SEATON b.19.7.1874 ED Ps.James S/Mary Smith

George SEATON b.9.3.1806 NHVN Ps. William S/Jacobina Brown {m.19.9.1772] m.Margaret RAMSAY proclaimed 21/m:25.1.1827 NHVN ch: Janet S, George S 26.12.1840/25.1.1841, William S 9.8.1849, John S.

d: 26.11.1865 NHVN Ref.No: m:692.1/11:4344

George SEATON b.26.12.1840/25.1.1841 NHVN Ps. George S/Margaret Ramsay [m.25.1.1827 NHVN] m.14.12.1866 Barbara FLUCKER ch:Margaret Ramsay S 12.4.1870, Ann Wilson S 15.10.1869, George S 12.7.1873, Barbara S 17.5.1876, Robina S 23.6.1878, Helen Wilson S 3.9.1880 all b.NHVN d:28.12.1897 NHVN RC/P

George SEATON b.29.3.1871 Ps. John S/Janet Begg Wilson

George SEATON b.12.7.1873 NHVN Ps. George S/Barbara Flucker d.28.3.1933 NHVN

Helen SEATON b.13/19.1808 NHVN Ps.John S/Margaret Johnston

Helen SEATON b.11/24.5.1827 NHVN Ps.John S/Helen Jarvie [m.22.11.1821 N.Leith] m.Hugh McColl McPHAIL 10.11.1854 N.Leith ch: Helen Jarvie McP 5.1.1856, Hugh McP 3.6.1858, Johnston Seaton McP 31.5.1861

Henrietta SEATON b.22.11.1772 NHVN Ps. William S/Helen Cunningham

Henrietta SEATON b.20/24.1.1800 Ps.William Seton/Janet Durham m:David FLUCKER 7.11.1823 ch:David F 1/15.9.1824, Seaton F 24.1/4.12.1826, Ann F chr.22.2.1829, Thomas F 7/26.4.1831, Alexander F 28.7.1833, John F 2/19.6.1836

Henrietta SEATON b.1.3.1902 NHVN Ps. David Main S/Rachel Scott Pennycuik [m.1901 N.Leith]

Isabel SEATON b.29.7.1749 NHVN Ps.William S/Ann Hay

Isobel SEATON b.29/31.7.1749 Ps.Thomas S/Janet Lundie

James SEATON b.~1792 m:Margaret CARNIE ~1818 ch:Margaret S 29.3.1819, James S & Elizabeth S 14/16.7.1821 ?TWINS?, Elisabeth S 30.9/24.10.1823, William S 25.10/11.11.1825, Robert S 26.7/10.8.1827, Ann S & Carnie S (b) 1/23.9.1828 ?TWINS ?, Janet S & Robert S ?TWINS ? 3/9.10.1830, Janet S 29.5.1835

James SEATON b.26/27.9.1796 Ps. William Seton/Janet Durham m:Janet CARNIE 27.9.1818 NHVN ch: Margaret S 29.3/14.4.1819

James SETON m.Elizabeth DEAS 29.9.1797 ED ch: Jean Seton chr.15.7.1798 S.Leith

James SEATON b.14/16.7.1821 Ps.James S/Margaret Carnie [m.~1818]

James SEATON m.Elizabeth Johnston 27.9.1844 NHVN ch: James S 25.9.1845, Alexander Johnston S 14.10/ 1.11.1847 both b. NHVN

Janet SEATON m. Richard GUIDALL 23.11.1649 S.Leith

Janet SEATON b.10/11.11.1739 Ps.Thomas S/Janet Lundie

Janet SEATON b.7/18.9.1798 Ps.William Seton/Janet Durham m(1) Thomas TOSH, m(2) John YOUNG 26.10.1826 N.Leith ch: James Seaton Y 25.8.1829 Attestors to m: Robert Deas & William Bissett. Ref.Nos. m(2): 692.1/11:4339

Janet SEATON F. Christopher Seaton m.William CLARK Nov.1822 S.Leith ch: Richard C 13.2.1824 S.Leith

Janet SEATON b.3/9.10.1830 Ps.James S/Margaret Carnie [m.~1818]

Janet SEATON b.29.5.1835 Ps.James s/Margaret Carnie [m.~1818]

Janet SEATON Ps. George S/Margaret Ramsay m.William KEIR (? Kerr?) 20.11.1849 S.Leith

Janet BEGG WILSON SEATON b.8.2.1916 Falkirk Ps. David Main S/Rachel Scott Pennycuik [m.1901 N.Leith]

m. David MOODIE Falkirk ch: Brian M 1946, Roderick M 20.6.1950, Douglas M, Gillian M all b.Falkirk

Jean SEATON b.23/24.11.1735 Ps.Thomas S/Janet Lundie m:William DURHAM [b.1721] ch: Jean D 18.10.1761, William D 19.8.1764, Margaret D 28.7.1751, David D 6/19.8.1753, Ann D 11.1.1756

Jean SETON chr.15.7.1798 S.Leith Ps.James S/Elizabeth Deas

Jean SEATON b.9.2.1836 NHVN Ps. William S/Ann Stewart Liddle [m.10.3.1826 NHVN]

Jean SEATON m. Andrew CARNIE 20.10.1848 NHVN

Jessie LAMB SEATON b.14.11.1858 m.John LISTON 28.6.1878 Newhaven ch:Mary Vallance L 3.8.1879, James Finlay L 28.3.1882, Margaret Finlay L 24.10.1884, Christina Davidson L 23.1.1887 [d:1954], Rennie Middleton L 3.5.1889, (All born Elie, Fife,) and John L 5.1.1896 [d.1974] Kilconquhar, Fife.

John SEATON b.~1673 S.Leith Ps.James Seaton/Helen Callandar. m. Jean AUCHTERLONIE

John SEATON b.30.6/2.7.1776 NHVN Ps. William S/Helen Cunningham m.Margaret JOHNSTON 3.12.1795

ch: John S 5/11.5.1799, Alexander S 21/25.4.1802, Margaret S 23.9.1804, Helen S 13/19.3.1808, William S 14/28.3.1811, Johnston S (g) 17/30.11.1814, Liston S 24/26.1.1817 all b.NHVN

John SEATON b.5/11.5.1799 NHVN Ps.John S/Margaret Johnston m.Helen JARVIE 22.11.1821 N.Leith ch. Helen S 24.5.1827 NHVN

John SEATON b.24/29.12.1804 Ps.William Seton/Janet Durham

John SEATON m.Helen JARVIE (Jervie) 22.11.1821 N.Leith ch: Barbara S 15/23.10.1822, Johnston S 28.8/15.9.1824, Helen S 11/24.5.1827, John S 19.1/7.2.1830, Richard Hepple S 23.5/16.6.1832 all b.NHVN

John SEATON m.Ann FLUCKER 17.1.1827 NHVN ch:Thomas S 17.1.1827, Ann Christie S 27.1.1828

John SEATON b.16.4.1843 NHVN m.Janet Begg WILSON (b.1845) ch: George S 29.3.1871, Thomas Wilson S 15.9.1872, John S and William S [TWINS] both 5.4.1874, David Main S 12.7.1876 d: 25.9.1880 NHVN

John SEATON b.5.4.1874 Ps.John S/Janet Begg Wilson

John SEATON b.4.12.1905 Falkirk Ps. David Main S/Rachel Scott Pennycuik m. Agnes Jack Cunningham SCOBBIE ch: David Main Seaton

Johnston SEATON (g) b.17/30.11.1814 NHVN Ps.John Seton/Margaret Johnston

Johnston SEATON b.28.8/15.9.1824 NHVN Ps.John S/Helen Jarvie

Liston SEATON b.24/26.1.1817 NHVN Ps.John Seton/Margaret Johnston m:Agnes THOMSON 6.3.1845 N.Leith

Liston SEATON m.Ann PATERSON ch: Thomas Paterson S 8.12.1857, Liston S 29.5.1860 (d:21.8.1860), Ann Johnstone S 14/17.1.1863 (d:17.8.1863)

Liston SEATON b.29.5.1860 Ps.Liston S/Ann Paterson

Margaret SEATON b.2/4.7.1738 Ps. Thomas S/Janet Lundie

Margaret SEATON b. Ps.Thomas S/Janet Lundie

Margaret SEATON b.23.9.1804 NHVN Ps.John S/Margaret Johnston d:11.4.1807

Margaret W SEATON b29.3/14.4.1819 Ps.James S/Margaret Carnie [m.27.9.1818 NHVN] m. William CARNIE 10.3.1838 N.Leith ch: George C 14.12.1853

Margaret BEGG SEATON b:1.2.1827 NHVN Ps. William S/Ann Stewart Liddle [m.10.3.1826 NHVN]

m. George ANDERSON 24.9.1847 NHVN ch: Margaret Begg A 2.10/3.11.1848, Ann A 7.3.1852, Thomas A 20.11/16.12.1853, Jane A 11.12.1855, Margaret Seaton A 18.8.1859, Robina Seaton A 25.8.1864 all b/chr.NHVN/ N.Leith d:13.8.1864 NHVN

Margaret SEATON b.29.3.1819 Ps.James S/Margaret Carnie [m.~1818]

Margaret HUME SEATON b.7.6.1865 NHVN Ps. William Liddle S/Mary Hume Murray [m.21.1.1860 NHVN]

Mary MURRAY SEATON b.226.11.1899 NHVN Ps. Peter Murray S/Isabella Young

Miles FERGUSON YOUNG SEATON b.8.4.1906 NHVN Ps. Peter Murray S/Isabella Young [m. ~1890]

Peter MURRAY SEATON b.25.6.1868 NHVN Ps. William Liddle S/Mary Hume Murray [m.21.1.1860 NHVN]

m(1) Isabella YOUNG NHVN m(2) Isabella FLUCKER (b.1867) 20.10.1906 NHVN ch: Janet Young S 25.3.1892, William Liddle S 21.7.1894, David Young S 17.9.1897, Mary Murray S 26.11.1899, Peter S 15.6.1902, Miles Ferguson Young S 8.4.1906, James Flucker S 2.10.1910 all b.NHVN

Peter SEATON b. 15.6.1902 NHVN Ps. Peter Murray S/Isabella Young

Robert SEATON b.26.7/10.8.1827 Ps.James S/Margaret Carnie [m.~1818]

Robert SEATON b.3/9.10.1830 Ps.James S/Margaret Carnie [m.~1818]

Robina BROWN SEATON b.20.12.1828 NHVN Ps. William S/Ann Stewart Liddle [m.10.3.1826 NHVN]

d: 13.1.1893 NHVN

Thomas SEATON m.Janet LUNDIE ch: William S 15/18.9.1733, Jean S 23/24.11.1735, Margaret S 2/4.7.1738, Janet S 10/11.11.1739, Thomas S 31.8/5.9.1742, Margaret S 9/10.3.1744, Isobel S 29/31.7.1749

Thomas SEATON b.31.8/5.9.1742 Ps.Thomas S/Janet Lundie

Thomas PATERSON SEATON b.8.12.1857 Ps.Liston S/Ann Paterson

Thomas WILSON SEATON b.15.9.1872 Ps John S/Janet Begg Wilson

William SETON b.6.3.1673 ED Ps. Alexander S/Margaret Lauder m:Katharine BARNET ch: Alexander S 19.1.1703 ED

William SEATON b.15/18.9.1733 Ps.Thomas S/Janet Lundie m.Ann HAY ch:Ann S 28/29.9.1748, Isabel S 29.7.1749, William S 4/5.8.1750 all born NHVN

William SEATON m Ann PATERSON ch:Janet S 7/9.12.1759, Ann S 22/24.5.1761, William S 9/12.2.1764

William SEATON b.4/5.8.1750 Ps.William S/Ann Hay m.Helen CUNNINGHAM ~1770 ch: Henrietta S 15/22.11.1772, William S 19/21.8.1774, John S 30.6/2.7.1776, Ann S 12/15.10.1778 all born NHVN

William SEATON b.9/12.2.1764 NHVN Ps.William S/Ann Paterson

William SETON m.Janet DURHAM ch:William S 22/25.7.1794, James S 26/27.9.1796, Jannet S 7/18.9.1798,

Henrietta S 20/24.1.1800, Ann S 3 /4.12.1802, John S 24/29.12.1804

William SEATON b.19/21.8.1774 NHVN Ps. William S/Helen Cunningham m: Jacobina BROWN 19.9.1789 NHVN ch: Jacobina S 31.12.1790, Jean S 19.8.1792, Ann S 29.1.1795, Jacobina S 4.8.1799, William S 6.11.1801, George S 9.3.1806 all b.NHVN

William SETON b.22/25.7.1794 Ps. William Seton/Janet Durham

William SEATOUN m.Robina Brown (Binnie) 19.9.1789 N.Leith

William SEATON b.6.10.1801 NHVN Ps. William S/Jacobina Brown [m.19.9.1789 NHVN]

m. Ann STEWART LIDDLE banns 5th, m.10.3.1826 NHVN ch: Margaret Begg S 1.2.1827, William Liddle S 25.9.1831, Ann Stewart S 3.3.1834, Jean S 9.2.1836 all b. NHVN b:692.1/11:4332

William SETON b.28.3.1811 NHVN Ps. John S/ Margaret Johnston

William SEATON m. Ann STEWART LIDDLE 10.3.1826 NHVN ch: Margaret Begg S 1.2.1827, Robina Brown S 20.12.1828, William Liddle S 25.3.1831, Ann Stewart S 3.3.1834, Jean S 9.2.1836, all b. NHVN

William LIDDLE SEATON b.25.3.1831 NHVN Ps. William S/Ann Stewart Liddle [m.10.3.1826 NHVN] m.Mary HUME MURRAY 21.1.1860 NHVN ch: William Murray S 18.11.1862, Margaret Hume S 24.11.1861 (d.infant), Margaret Hume S 7.6.1865, Peter Murray S 25.6.1868 all NHVN d:7.12.1881 NHVN RC/P

William SEATON b.9.8.1849 NHVN Ps. George S/Margaret Ramsay [m.25.1.1827 NHJVN] m(1) Barbara LISTON 31.12.1875 NHVN [d.17.9.1878] ch: George S 6.9.1878; m(2) Catherine PATERSON 1.10.1879 NHVN ch: Thomas Paterson S and William S {TWINS] both 27.6.1879

Fisherman NHVN d:Drowned off coast of Ireland between 8th and 12th.Feb.1881

William MURRAY SEATON b.18.11.1862 NHVN Ps. William Liddle S/Mary Hume Murray [m.21.1.1860 NHVN]

William SEATON b.5.4.1874 Ps.John S/Janet Begg Wilson

William SEATON b.27.6.1879 NHVN Ps. William S/Catherine Paterson [m.1.10.1879] d:1884 NHVN